Social Action

In order to identify, record and make visible the traces of Jewish cemeteries and the evidence of cultural and physical genocide they contain, a series of social action projects will be undertaken.

This work will take place at selected Jewish cemeteries where cultural and physical genocide occurred in the past, and where neglect and vandalism is occurring presently.

We will work with a number of partners around the world to carry out state-of-the-art mapping and visualisation, alongside restoration works. This interdisciplinary approach will reveal new information about cultural destruction and killing sites within Jewish cemeteries, and it will contribute to the restoration of the memory of the pre-war Jewish communities that the Nazis tried to erase.

Participants in the project will be encouraged to explore past and present examples of the destruction of cultural spaces and the people connected to them in order to reflect on the causes and consequences of these attitudes and actions.

They will directly address the impact of the continued neglect and vandalism of cultural centres. Through a series of partnerships, “social actions” and sustainable tools, the project aims to provide a long-term platform for examining and tackling prejudice and for identifying its roots.

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