Translations required

Our report on our fieldwork in Oświęcim is coming soon.
As part of our commitment to the documentation of the Jewish cemetery in Oświęcim, we now require some assistance translating the inscriptions on a small amount of matzevot recorded during the fieldwork in August 2016. The inscriptions need to be translated from Hebrew to English and will be used to continue to build on the database and mapping of the cemetery.
The information we would like to obtain from these translations is as much of the following as possible:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Born
4. Death
5. Maiden name
6. Father/husband name
Please also share any other information you may have regarding to the matzevot.
We will be adding a Matzevah each day over the next few weeks to our Facebook page Recording Cultural Genocide and Killing Sites in Jewish Cemeteries so please have a look through the album. The first matzevah we would like help with is at the bottom of this post (reference 3150). 
Thank you!
Feel free to share this post; someone you know may be able to help!

Reference 3150

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